Monday, December 1, 2008

First Day Training

Monday, December 1, 2008


So my practical training started today. And I arrived at office late. For 1 hour. Damn.

My boss kata dulu masa interview, office hour starts at 9am. But then bila dah sampai dia kata I was late. Supposed to be 8.30am. Hello?! Aku bukan pekak okay! Please's always our fault when upper-level makes mistakes.

It sucked! Aku sorang je Malay kat situ. Others are Chinese. Fortunately my boss sangat lah friendly.

It is a small audit firm named 'Choo & Associates'. So we only have 1 staff, 1 manager, 1 trainee (that's me!) and the Boss. Yeah. Only four of us.

The first day was really full of tension. I do a lot of administrative works. Photostating, faxing, posting, stamping here and there, preparing bank confirmation letter and so so.But I really think that doing administrative works are fun.

Okay lupa pulak. Shiau Hui is an audit staff, Ms Chong is the Manager and Mr Choo of course is the Boss.

[ Did i mention that my boss is really cute?! Yeah he is! ]

Our associates, 'EW & Associates' (upper floor) is doing Tax and Secretary job. They're Siu Fen, Wei Ting and Esther (the Boss). The staffs are damn pretty.

Aku nak sangat dapat buat training dekat 'Abd Halim & Co'..dekat je dengan our firm. It's different. Somehow mesti ada rasa tersisih jugak kalau kerja dekat sini.

" Ala...first day memanglah macam tu..", a friend of mine said.

But still. The first day ni rasa lama sangat. Macam 10 jam je kerja.

I really wanted to go home even it was only 10 am.

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