Monday, April 7, 2008


Monday, April 7, 2008

" Sayang.. Sorry sangat..

Aku susah nak lupa dia..selalu sangat teringat dia..

..And sometimes..even happens when you're around..

I'm such a fool kan? "

I said it to my boyfriend's face, bole takkkkk

He gave me love..and he hurt me.. Then why can't I just let him go???

A friend of mine said :

"---to a certain extent, the people who hurt you are the ones who make the largest impact on your life. They're the hardest to forget. You take the longest of time to let go of them and you cling on to them for years and years, while wondering why--"

This shit happens. Even though you're going out with someone new.

" Aussi! "

| Avril Lavigne tells me to Let Go. So let go jela! Plus he was a jerk kan? |



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