Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Suck At ___ !

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

---BABYSITTING! Yup correct!!!

At first aku fikir ini lah cuti yang aku harap sangat². I should be resting or studying or preparing notes! I should have done tons of notes! Tapi apa yang jadi eh?!

I'm not complaining.

But I don't think I deserved this.

I just wanna stay at home peacefully. Without disturbance.

It's not that I don't like Haikal, but it's just that I suck at babysitting! I even speak to him in language only adults can understand.

" Haikal boleh tolong diam tak? "

" Haikal napa nangis ni? "

" Haikal apasal tido sekejap sangat, orang nak buat keje ni "

" Haikal please behave "

Haikal this and Haikal that, really getting on my nerves.

When he's sleeping, then I really think the world's getting more peaceful.

Yep! Maybe belum sampai masanya aku nak 'terima' baby. Aku tak rasa aku dah ready. I'm certainly not. Not at my age.

Even so, I still think that babysitting him for a while is quite an inneresting experience. Watching him laughing and staring at you is a moment of calm.

Well. Baby cries.

| Agaknya macam tu la aku masa baby. Ngeri sungguh. Love you so much Haikal! |



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