Friday, July 10, 2009

Rumah Yang Dekat Kiri Hujung Sekali.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Yippi! Yesterday was so much fun! Four of us (me, Fad, Shikin & Sara) went out for this movie " The Last House On The Left ". Best best! So much blood here and there yay! That is so like me!

This movie is about a girl, Mari (which I thought it was supposed to be Marry but then I googled and IMDB spelled it Mari), having a holiday out with her family to a creepy place. Then, she and her friend got kidnapped by a gang of..criminal. Whose killing is their routine. Mari then had been raped and shot. And died. Okay everyone thought she died, but she did not. Yayay! Payback time!

* Muka-muka excited yet poyo *

Okay. Bukan tu saja.
Karaoke. Yup! Bak kata Sara karaoke jamban.
Ala berapa lagu je amik masa tu. Tak ingat dah. 10 kot. Gamble jek.
* seriously karaoke sini langsung tade privacy *

After that we had dinner @ KFC.

Shikin : Kau ni peminta la!
Sara : Ala kau ni kedekut la nyah!

Then, balik tido. Yay!

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