Thursday, December 17, 2009

Comics/Novels to let go :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yup! I'm selling novels! Semua novel ni ada yang dah habis baca and ada yang tak pernah baca langsung. Beli je. haha. Well..who cares.

Okay oleh kerana aku dah tak larat nak tengok rak buku aku tu penuh dengan buku-buku cerita yang aku rasa aku memang takkan baca lagi, so aku decide nak let go semua ni dengan harga yang murah.

1. Hot Gimmick (GempakStarz) by Aihara Miki [RESERVED]

Ni yang paling aku sayang nak let go. Komik ni aku nak jual full set. Kalau nak beli certain volume, akan dipertimbangkan.

Komik ni mengisahkan tentang Hatsumi, yang terpaksa jadi 'hamba' kepada Ryoki (mamat nerd + genius, yang suka buli Hatsumi) setelah kantoi membeli 'pregnancy test kit' untuk adiknya, Akane. So untuk tutup mulut Ryoki, terpaksa lah jadi 'hamba' dia. Ooooohh panas! (bak kata Fazura haha). Cerita ni basically tentang cinta 4-segi. err..sebab 3 orang mamat berebut nak Hatsumi.

Tak sure pulak kalau komik ni diklasifikasikan sebagai 'U'. Hihi..

Condition : Some of the books ada kotor sikit kat atas tu, tapi kat dalam dia perfect!

Price : Contact me.

2. Mutants by David Jacobs

Cerita pasal semut makan orang.

Condition : old

Price : RM7

3. Star Wars : Lost Jedi Adventure Game Book by Paul Cockburn.

Comic game tu la. Macam pilih no. ni, then akan ke action ni. Macam tu la. Tak reti nak explain. Haha.

Condition : Good.

Price: RM10

4. Ride a Painted Pony by Carolyn McSparren

Pasal siasat-menyiasat pastu jatuh cinta, Dem.

Condition : Ok la...

Price : RM8

5. Heaven by Viginia Andrews

Cerita pasal..Tah la..Tak pernah baca..Malas nak refer sypnosis dia.

Condition : Old

Price : RM4

6. Prowlers : Predator and Prey by Christopher Golden

Jack Dywer who is able to communicate with ghosts after his best friend (Artie) was brutally murdered by savage predators.

Condition : Good

Price : RM10

7. Dawson's Creek : Bayou Blues

Typical Dawson's Creek punya cerita. Diorang pergi melawat Jen's cousin di Louisiana and then get involved in scary situation. Like voodoo. Ooooohh..

Condition : Ok la..

Price : RM10

8. The Tides by Melanie Tem

Rebecca, who has begun experiencing bizarre hallucinations and strange childhood memories after she is mysteriously drawn to visit an empty lake bed behind the nursing home, after being an administrator at the Tides. (Amazon's review)

Condition : Good!

Price : RM10

9. Slain in the Spirit by Melanie Tem

Leila, a woman who is only able to see the world in colors and shapes due to her near blindness, is plunged into a world of terror when she is kidnapped by Russell, a man who believes that her blindness is caused by the evil that lurks within her heart and will stop at nothing to cleanse her soul.

Condition : Good

Price : RM10

10. Sweet Valley Jr. High #14: My Perfect Guy by Francine Pascal

My fav SV collection. Damon asked the twin girl, Jessica to be his girlfriend. She accepts, of course, but she finds that maybe Damon isn't so perfect for her. Both of them are finally going out but then..let's just say they are too young to fall in love cuz they don't know what the other want wants. Funny jugak.

Condition : Hurm.. Boleh la..

Price : RM 7

11. Sweet Valley Jr. High #15: Hands Off by Francine Pascal

Liz, the other twin falls for this Richard guy who likes to flirt a lot with other girls. Huh.

Condition : So-so

Price : RM 7

12. The Chinese Girl by John Baker

Stone Lewis has been out of prison and back in Hull for six weeks after serving the last eleven years for killing the bodyguard of Shooter Wilde, the man who had slashed his mother's face. Shooter is the gangster who runs Hull's underworld and he made sure Stone didn't have an easy time of it in prison. The gangs rapes left mental scars, the disfiguring tattoos on his face given to him by his fellow inmates left scares for the whole world to see. Stone wants a normal life, but he also wants revenge on the man who scared his mother and is responsible for his tattooed face. (Amazon's review)

Condition : Good

Price : RM 10

Contact method/details: PM me @ YM!

Dealing method : Pos / COD @ Melaka

Warranty : Are you kidding me???

|| Semoga rak menjadi kosong kembali ||



nurul idayu ;-) nak beli semua komik hot gimmick tu..

- p z a a -

Sori idayu semua HG tu dah jual hehe

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