Tuesday, December 15, 2009

People judge by nicknames!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tengah-tengah belek Facebook tadi..tiba-tiba nampak satu benda yang kelakar.

One of my friend's friend has this unbelievably nickname:

"Mr *****-**** ACCA"


Yeah tell the whole world yang kau ada ACCA.

Don't blame me. I just don't know what else to do.

|| Hafizah PhD. Nice. Haha. Self-proclaimed. ||




couldnt argue no more it's really annoying indeed..

but i think to him/her..the struggle to obtain that ACCA had cost him/her to suffer a lot..

so, i think..that's y he/she wear that title with pride...

p/s-in the next 3 years..if I were to put my name with the title "Dr" on front of it...tolong jgan kata saya annoying tau...hihi..

- p z a a -

haha amal..Title Dr tu lain.. Dr. tu memang title yang akan dpt secara rasmi..kalau u letak pun memang tada orang kata berlagak..

But ACCA ni 'certificate'..bukan title..mcm..association kan..so ada ACCA or xde..xkan dpt title pape pun..so no need to tell others.. Mcm i letak Hafizah Bachelor's Degree. Agak menyampah kan?? Haha.

Btw best of luck utk dptkan Dr. okeh! :D


Hafizah's Bachelor Degree...kind of cute...haha

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